Richards Upholstery & Interiors Inc



  Have you ever asked yourself what is wrong with my couch?

  The cushions look awful, the corners are not filled out and

  and the fabric is all wrinkled, I tried to smooth out, but only

  last a day--it is only two years old!!!!!!!!!!

  Guess what you need new foam, it is a simple procedure just

  bring your cushions in and we can give you new foam & wrap

  This will give you new life to your sofa !!

  Unfortunately if your cushions are attached, you have to

  decide whether to invest in new foam or buy new couch.

  We would have to bring your couch in to our shop & take it

  apart.  Our advice if you are looking for a new couch always

  buy one with loose cushions-so you can rotate them & flip

  them this way you get longer life out of your foam!!!!!!